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About us

Well, hello there!
Fancy meeting you here!

How many times have you stressed over what to buy for a gift? If that’s practically every time you’ve had to buy a pressie then we hear you! Trying to find the time to go shopping, scouring online for that special something, wondering “will they like it?”, fighting with wrapping paper and tape before giving in and turfing it all into a wee bag… sure we’ve all been there.

An Absolute Gift are here to do the hard work. We want to replace stress with smiles. We want to make your gift shopping more fun, more personal and more convenient. And of course, we want to share that feeling of joy and love of gifting with all of you lovely people.

From both of us here at An Absolute Gift, thank you so so much for supporting a small start-up! We hope our little packages bring as much happiness to you as they do to us.

Lots of Love,

Jenna & Gary

The faces behind the brand

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